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WordHarmonic – Natural Encounters: Sanctuary

Natural Encounters: Sanctuary is 1 of 12 CDs released of the Natural Encounters series.

01 Sunrise At Duck Pond.mp3
02 Improvisation #1 For Patricia.mp3
03 A Brook.mp3
04 A Quiet Place.mp3
05 Country Morning.mp3
06 Improvisation #2 Thankful.mp3
07 By The River.mp3
08 Shall We Gather At The River.mp3
09 This Is My Father's World.mp3
10 Seaside.mp3
11 Rocking Chair At Fireside.mp3
12 Close To Thee.mp3
13 Gentle Rain.mp3
14 Improvisation #3 Riversong Durango.mp3
15 Winter Wind.mp3
16 Bring Back The Springtime.mp3
17 Singing Birds.mp3
18 Flee As A Bird.mp3
19 Twilight.mp3
20 Evening Prayer.mp3

Produced by Robert Sterling
Executive Producer: John Mays
Piano and Synthesizers: Kurt Kaiser
Acoustic Bass: Craig Nelson
Acoustic Guitar: Mark Baldwin
Percussion: Eric Darken
Soprano Saxophone: Mark Douthit
Vocal Solo: Lisa Cochran

Recorded and Mixed at Digital Recorders in Nashville, TN by Lynn Fuston
Additional recording by David Hall and Doug Sarrett
Mastered by Hank Will at MasterMix in Nashville, TN
All songs arranged by Kurt Kaiser

Tracks 2, 6, 14, and 16 were written and composed by Kurt Kaiser for Word Music (ASCAP)
Track 4 was written and composed by Ralph Carmichael for Communique Music (ASCAP)
Tracks 8, 9, 12, 18, and 20 are available in the public domain, but were arranged by Kurt Kaiser for Word Music (ASCAP)

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