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Vibraphone Music and Vibraphone Players

If you're a vibraphone geek (like me) then you've probably searched up-and-down for any and every piece of music that consists of someone playing the vibraphone. I personally find the vibraphone to be my favorite instrument as it has a mellow, soothing tone when played and it has the uncanny ability to calm me down or cheer me up. Obviously, the majority of vibraphone music is found within the jazz music genre. So, our friend Makell Bird has helped create this page via his M.I.C.S. (Music Information Consolidation Service)

This page will serve as the largest list of vibraphone music and vibraphone players with direct link to apps and stores where you can listen to, stream, purchase, and/or download vibraphone music. Any vibraphone players looking to get added to this list should e-mail Makell with your name, a short bio, and some direct links to your music. Musicians looking to secure a distribution deal, so that they can sell their music online or get their music placed into the various digital retail stores and apps for music should sign up with ADED.US Music Distribution.

A List of Vibraphone Players
Eric Mullis (from the band/group Actual Proof), Adam Pfannenstiel, Alexandru Anastasiu, Alexei Tsiganov, Andrew Nittoli, Arnold Faber, Arturo Serra, Behn Gillece, Ben Adams, Ben Thomas (US), Benoit Stasiaczyk, Bill Ware, Bob DeSena, Bobby Hutcherson, Bobby Naughton, Brian O'Neill, Bryan Carrott, Cal Tjader, Cecilia Smith, Chase Jackson, Chie Suzuki, Chris Dingman, Christian Tamburr, Christos Rafalides, Chuck Redd, Corey Mwamba, Coz Sincere, Dan McCarthy, Dave Pike, Dave Robinson, Dave Samuels, Dave Shank, Diego Urbano, Don Moors, Ed Saindon, Eldad Tarmu, Elissa Goodrich, Eric Nemeyer, Erik Charlston, Gary Burton, Gary McFarland, George Weldon, Grace, Greg Harris, Hampel, Ivelin Drumev, Jake Chapman, James Westfall, Jason Adasiewicz, Jay Hoggard, Jean Vanasse, Jenna Nelson, Jerry Tachoir, Jerry Tachoir Group, Jerzy Milian, Jim Cooper, Jim Hart, Joe Baione, Joe Locke, John Cocuzzi, John Damberg, John Pietaro, Julius Wechter, Justin "Justefan" Thomas, Kathy Kelly, Kevin Hart, Khan Jamal, Klecha, Kym Ambrose, Lalo, Lem Winchester, Les Blachut, Levon, Lionel Hampton, Marc Wagnon, Marco Pacassoni, Mari Yamashita, Mark Josefsberg, Mark McCafferty, Mark Sherman, Martin Fabricius, Martin Pyne, Matthew Rockwell Sokolic, Matthias Lupri, Max Feldschuh, Michael Hatfield, Michael Pinto, Mika Mimura, Mika Yoshida, Mike Dillon, Mike Freeman, Mike Mainieri, Milt Jackson, Mind Open, Nathan Bohach, Nathan Skinner, Oli Bott, Omar J Correa, Pascal Schumacher, Patricia Franceschy, , Paul Heckel, Peter Appleyard, Randy Sutin, Red Norvo, Richard Sprince, Roan Kearsey-Lawson, Rob Pipho, Robert John Mathies, Robert Pelletier, Roy Ayers, Stefon Harris, Stephen Lynerd, Steve Hobbs, Steve Nelson, Steve Pouchie, Steve Shapiro, Stewart Hoffman, Susan Pascal, Ted Piltzecker, Teddy Charles, Terry Gibbs, The Infinite Ensemble, The Klobas/Kesecker Ensemble, Thomas Mackay, Tim Collins, Tom Beckham, Tommy Kesecker, Tommy Vig, Tony Miceli, Tony Mowod, Trevor Williams, Tyler Blanton, Viktor Benev Quartet, Vincent Houdijk, Walt Dickerson, Warren Chiasson, Warren Wolf, Winnie Dahlgren, Wolfgang Schlüter Quartet, Yuhan Su

Adam Pfannenstiel

Adam Pfannenstiel is featured playing the vibes on:
ArtistAlbum TitleStore / AppURL
Tim Wolfe Jr.Topics of ConversationiTunes / Apple Musichttps://itun.es/us/PJgpX
Tim Wolfe Jr.Topics of ConversationSpotifyhttps://goo.gl/8jjfvr

Christian Tamburr

↳ coming soon...
↳ Official WebSite
Christian Tamburr – Voyage on Spotify (web player)
Christian Tamburr – Voyage on Spotify (launch app)

Dave Shank

↳ The Dave Shank Quintet
↳ coming soon...
↳ SoundProof on Spotify (web player)
↳ SoundProof on Spotify (launch app)
↳ SoundProof on Amazon (CD)
↳ SoundProof on Amazon (MP3)

Jeff Berman
↳ Palmetto Records / Palmetto Jazz, AppalAsia
↳ Jeff Berman on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/powers.berman
↳ Matt Balitsaris and Jeff Berman – An Echoed Smile on iTunes
↳ Matt Balitsaris and Jeff Berman – An Echoed Smile on Google Play Music
↳ Jeff Berman – Things She Said on Google Play Music
↳ Matt Balitsaris and Jeff Berman – Big Black Sun on Google Play Music
Susan Pascal
Album Title: Gypsy In My Soul
Artist Name: Connie Evingson
• Until
on iTunes

Album Title: C’est si bon
Artist Name: Neil Andersson

• Bòheme auberge
• Le ciel azur
• Flèche d'or
• Tenderly
• Douce ambiance

Album Title: Trust
Artist Name: The Plymouth Trio
• Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning
• Terra Beata
• Noël Nouvelet
• Leoni
on Amazon

Album Title: All This and Heaven Too
Artist Name: Greta Matassa
• Why Try to Change Me Now/Crazy He Calls Me
• You and the Night and the Music
• Close Your Eyes
on iTunes
on Spotify

Album Title: Slide and Joy!
Artist Name: Orville Johnson
• Mambolaya

on iTunes

Ivelin Drumev

Ivelin Drumev playing his song Another Love LIVE, recorded and put on YouTube at https://youtu.be/BV4PoGRdXNM

Eric Mullis
↳ Actual Proof (band/group)
↳ Actual Proof – Paradigm Shift on CD Baby
↳ Actual Proof – Paradigm Shift on Rdio

Alexei Tsiganov


↳ Jamie Stewardson


↳ Jamie Stewardson – Jhaptal on Spotify (web player)
↳ Jamie Stewardson – Jhaptal on Spotify (launch app)
↳↳ spotify:album:5c74MR8ptbWiHJUmGbzqIy

Vincent Houdijk

this album is labelled as Vincent Houdijk and his Vinnie Vibes
Also appears on
Year Album Artist
2007 Hamel Wouter Hamel Vibraphone
2006 André Jolivet: Incantations - Music for Flute Eline van Esch Percussion
Interview Sean Jones Vibraphone


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