Stitch Jones The Bread Collector and The Emancipation Of Bacon

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ArtistStitch Jones
TitleThe Bread Collector and The Emancipation of Bacon
Catalog No.ADED-00719
Release Date2016-05-31
Copyright(s)2016 Yeah Meng Records
Publishing Right(s)2016 Yeah Meng Records

Track Level Info

No. Artist Title ISRC
1 Stitch Jones This Clown As Collateral QMS2M1600202
2 Stitch Jones Banh Xeo QMS2M1600203
3 Stitch Jones Culture QMS2M1600204
4 Stitch Jones Friend In Leave QMS2M1600205
5 Stitch Jones Groove Mission QMS2M1600206
6 Stitch Jones Pointed Stick QMS2M1600207
7 Stitch Jones Shit Eating Grin QMS2M1600208
8 Stitch Jones Suppose I Had It Comin' QMS2M1600209