Akbar Walks Every Behavior Has A Motive

Every Behavior Has A Motive by Akbar Walks

Every Behavior Has A Motive


Tracks (microdata)

  1. Turn It Around 2 (feat. Jalil)
  2. My Way (feat. Jalil)
  3. Deep (feat. Jalil)
  4. 5am
  5. Fight The Power (feat. Black Magic and M4STER)
  6. Dreams (feat. OB and Shaad)
  7. Wrong (feat. Tone God)
  8. Cover It Up (feat. 2 Islam)
  9. First
  10. Who You Wit
  11. You Can't Hide (feat. Black Magic)
  12. Bo$$ Down (feat. Carleone and Practical)
  13. Audience (feat. M4STER)
  14. 25 Hunnit

Tracks (HTML Table)
1Akbar WalksTurn It Around 2 (feat. Jalil)QMS2M1600211
2Akbar WalksMy Way (feat. Jalil)QMS2M1600212
3Akbar WalksDeep (feat. Jalil)QMS2M1600213
4Akbar Walks5amQMS2M1600214
5Akbar WalksFight the Power (feat. Black Magic and M4STER)QMS2M1600215
6Akbar WalksDreams (feat. OB and Shaad)QMS2M1600216
7Akbar WalksWrong (feat. Tone God)QMS2M1600217
8Akbar WalksCover It Up (feat. 2 Islam)QMS2M1600218
9Akbar WalksFirstQMS2M1600219
10Akbar WalksWho You WitQMS2M1600220
11Akbar WalksYou Can't Hide (feat. Black Magic)QMS2M1600221
12Akbar WalksBo$$ Down (feat. Carleone and Practical)QMS2M1600222
13Akbar WalksAudience (feat. M4STER)QMS2M1600223
14Akbar Walks25 HunnitQMS2M1600224