Women Who Don't Have Sex With Their Lovers On Holidays #triggered

So, I just saw this article on FaceBook and it triggered me. The title: "No, I Most Certainly Do Not 'Owe' My Husband Sex For Father's Day"

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My Response

1 of 100 reasons why I left my ex-wife. The imbalance between how good I treated her on her birthday and mother's day... and how BAD her (and her daughters) would treat me on Father's Day and on my birthday... Plus, YES, as a man I DO expect to get laid on all holidays... it's one of the few PERKS a man is suppose to get, being in a relationship... The fact that all these other men are getting laid on their birthday/holidays... and that THEIR girlfriend understands the concept of having sex with your man on certain days... felt insulting to me.

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