Translee MAOTP (2016)

MAOTP is a 10 track album (or mixtape) by Translee. Translee is a Dirty South style Hip-Hop artist that travels between Huntsville Alabama and Atlanta Georgia. His music closely resembles the style of early Dungeon Family aficionados Outkast and Goodie Mob. He even uses snippets of their verses in his own verses from time to time.

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01. Translee Hustle
02. Translee Depends (feat. Zip K)
03. Translee RnR (Righteous and Ratchets)
04. Translee Assuming
05. Translee Want (feat. Bags)
06. Translee Whenever (feat. Jayy Iman)
07. Translee VnB (Vent and Bang)(feat. Zip K)
08. Translee Fattman Deezy Prayer
09. Translee Lost in the Sauce
10. Translee Humble/TTY

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