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Who Is Idol Mind?

Idol Mind is a musical artist from Louisville, Kentucky. Idol Mind is an ambient music producer. In 2016, Idol Mind signed a music distribution deal with added us music distribution. Idol Mind's music is available on the added us music store, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play Music, Tidal, YouTube, and over 1,000 digital stores and apps worldwide.

Idol MindLost Paradise7digital (USA)https://goo.gl/T7aa2d
Idol MindLost ParadiseADED.US Music Storehttp://goo.gl/UHbXJ9
Idol MindLost ParadiseAmazon Digital Musichttp://amzn.to/1YqfhZU
Idol MindLost ParadiseBandCamphttps://goo.gl/VyfJ62
Idol MindLost ParadiseGoogle Play Musichttps://goo.gl/nScTFH
Idol MindLost ParadiseGuverahttps://goo.gl/thrE4i
Idol MindLost ParadiseiHeartRadiohttp://goo.gl/ZIZIRm
Idol MindLost ParadiseiTunes / Apple Musichttps://itun.es/i6Yv68x
Idol MindLost ParadiseMicrosoft Groove Musichttps://goo.gl/MKxMkS
Idol MindLost ParadiseMicrosoft Storehttps://goo.gl/3n7w7L
Idol MindLost ParadiseRhapsodyhttp://goo.gl/91pB7J
Idol MindLost ParadiseSpotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/album/7K2vK2MAFlEd4QXrRm97u7
Idol MindLost ParadiseTidalhttp://goo.gl/pwK0pz
Idol MindLost ParadiseYouTube Redhttps://goo.gl/Bj6YaZ