M.A.C. and DJ Tone Lo present Moore County's MixTape

Moore County's MixTape is a 16-track mixtape presented by M.A.C. and DJ Tone Lo.

Presented by M.A.C., this is a compilation mixtape with some of the best hip hop artist, singers, musicians, and song writers in Moore County, NC. For inquiries on being apart of Vol. 2 please contact bookmacnow@gmail.com.

You can find M.A.C. on twitter @mac__910
You can find Daze Hendrix on twitter @Dazehendrix
You can find ArtOfQuan on twitter @artofquan
You can find Bricky Shakur on twitter @shakurnot2pac
You can find Chuck Money on twitter @MoneyGangGZ 
You can find Trip Jones on twitter @Tripjones910
You can find Drake Murphy on twitter @birthnamedrake 
You can find Wrobots on twitter @raqqichalmers
You can find Flying Zelephant on twitter @MajesticMyoozik
01. ArtOfQuan x Daze Hendrix x Syn Savvy - Duh Duh (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
02. Bricky Shakur - Let It Go (Produced x Midi Kid)
03. Chuck Money - Waves
04. M.A.C. - Lenny Cooke (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
05. ArtOfQuan - Dreaming Entrepreneur (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
06. Chuck Money - The Struggle
07. Daze Hendrix - Interstellar (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
08. Drake Murphy - Learn To Hate
09. Wrobots - Memories (Produced by Raqqi)
10. Trip Jones - Not Today
11. Bricky Shakur - Wealth (Produced by Midi Kid)
12. Trip Jones - Trap Niggas
13. Daze Hendrix x M.A.C. - Queso Saucy (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
14. Flying Zelephant x ArtOfQuan x Songbird - Only Bliss (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
15. M.A.C. - Smoking Alone (Produced by Majestic Instrumentals)
16. Wrobots - Run To Guy (Produced by Raqqi)

Music Videos

Chuck Money - Waves FreeStyle