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Free Koopsta Knicca Mixtape Downloads

Da Devil's Playground: Underground Solo by Koopsta Knicca. This is the first solo album by Koopsta Knicca. Although, it is actually more technically a loose knit collection of tracks he recorded  before anything 3-6 Mafia related became mainstream... back when DJ Paul and Juicy J were just a couple of dudes making mixtapes.

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1Torture ChamberKoopsta Knicca2:46
2CrucifixKoopsta Knicca3:59
3Ready 2 RideKoopsta Knicca4:52
4RobbersKoopsta Knicca3:54
5Smoking on a JKoopsta Knicca2:17
6Stash PotKoopsta Knicca4:56
7Front a BustaKoopsta Knicca5:23
8Judgement NiteKoopsta Knicca4:46
9Bustaz Betta Make WayKoopsta Knicca6:02
10Anna Got Me Clickin’Koopsta Knicca2:12
11Now I'm Hi, Pt. 2Koopsta Knicca4:06
12Purple ThangKoopsta Knicca6:48
13Stash PotKoopsta Knicca5:57
14What'cha Gonna Do?Koopsta Knicca4:18
15Talkin’Koopsta Knicca1:45