Media Faking Anti-Marijuana Stance To Gain Ratings From Pro-Marijuana People

So, there's a new scam that the mainstream media has decided to use in an effort to gain ratings. The 'powers that be' at these media outlets, such as The Daily Mail (in the UK) and Nancy Grace, have learned of the following turn-of-events:

1. Make an anti-marijuana statement on your television show or blog
2. Pro-marijuana people will tune into your TV show, or visit your website, just to argue with you
3. You gain ratings and views (hits) from the pro-marijuana crowd
4. You use your (newfound) higher ratings as a reason to charge advertising companies, and the subsequent companies and/or products they are advertising for, much more money to advertise on your show

So, in reality, I highly doubt that these television personalities and bloggers are anti-marijuana. They've just discovered a way to get more attention and they are pretending to take the stance of anti-marijuana to get the pro-marijuana crowd to check in.

More views + More Comments = More Money From Advertisers

The Pro-Marijuana crowd is definitely one of the most vocal. So, getting them to come to your blog and make comments... or to tune into your TV show... actually benefits the TV show. I mean, what other reason would the billions of potheads in this world have to tune into Nancy Grace?

This is nothing more than yet another form of social engineering by the mainstream media. So, what can we do about it? The answer is simple... ignore them. Do not watch their TV shows. Do not visit their blog(s) or make comments on them. Every view and comment counts and these people are using your views/comments to make money from advertisers.