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Free ReddCoin Faucets

ReddCoin is a digital currency a/k/a crypto currency. In order to buy/sell/earn/recieve/trade ReddCoin, you will need a ReddCoin Wallet. Currently, there is only a ReddCoin QT Wallet. Get it from https://wallet.reddcoin.com

Once you have downloaded a ReddCoin Wallet, you will need to...
1. Let your ReddCoin QT Wallet app sync with the entire blockchain. This could take up to 4 days to download/sync... and that's if you let it continuously run
2. Copy-n-Paste your ReddCoin Wallet Address into the various 'faucets' out there to get free ReddCoin

Here are some ReddCoin faucets that I have personally tested that have worked. Be careful though, ReddCoin faucets are very 'come-n-go' right now. So, get 'em while you can!

Payout = 30-60 RDD
Wait Time = 1 Hour

also at https://twitter.com/Reddfaucet
Payout = 15 RDD
Based on whether or not you roll a "7" and you have a 1/7 chance each 'roll'

Payout = 1-5 RDD
Wait Time = 1 Hour

Payout = 5-10 RDD
Wait Time = 3 Hours

PayOut = 2 RDD
Wait Time = 39 minutes
You have to accumulate 25 RDD before they will issue a payout and they issue the payout within 24 hours of you passing the 25 RDD mark