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Wavy Gang 'Making Waves' In The Vegas Hip-Hop Scene

The Wavy Gang logo

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, U.S.A. – Friday, December 26, 2014 (Maktown News)

I became aware of Wavy Gang through my association with Trivion McKenzie (a/k/a Tz Mac). Triv is the founder of IAmVegasMusic.com. He also happens to serve as an AnR for ADED.US Music Distribution. He is a staple in the Las Vegas Hip-Hop music scene as well as one of the few 'go-to-guys' when you need to record your music in a professional studio. That studio is Camel Hump Studios.

Triv posted this flyer, announcing the release of a mixtape called "Casino Dreams". Naturally, me being the Hip-Hop head that I am, I decided to give it a listen when he released it on SoundCloud and (subsequently) IAmVegasMusic.

On this mixtape, my favorite track was the title track "Casino Dreams" by Wavy Augustine, Big Business, and Breezi. So, I started researching this new cat (Wavy Augustine). He seemed to have a certain energy and lyrical ability in his verse that I rarely hear coming from rappers in the Las Vegas Hip-Hop music scene. As a matter of fact, I can count the number of artists in Vegas who have that type of 'ability' on one hand. Those artists would be: Sedrew Price, J Reezy, Easy Redd, and Nate Hardy (f/k/a T.N.N. (That Nigga Nate))

As it turns out, Wavy Augustine is part of a much larger collective called Wavy Gang. Wavy Gang essentially consists of 5 members with 1 (Wavy Macaroni) serving as the leader and 1 (Millie2Blowed) currently serving time in prison.

Here they are. Add them:
Wavy Macaroni (leader)

Wavy Macaroni's mixtape Free Milli, an ode to his (at the time) locked up homeboy (Milli) was promoted by ADED.US Music Distribution and listed as a staff pick.

Wavy Augustine

a/k/a Stunna Wavy / Stunna Billz

Wavy Augustine dropped his mixtape #WavyLove

2Live Gotti

The L.I.G.

The L.I.G. FaceBook
The L.I.G. SoundCloud

TKTooWavy / TKO Wavy / TK2Wavy

TKO Wavy FaceBook
TKO Wavy SoundCloud
TKO Wavy Twitter

TKO Wavy a/k/a TK Too Wavy created quite a stir when he released his single and music video for his song BBW


Millie2Blowed ReverbNation

Contact Honey Price (Wavy Gang's manager) for more info on Wavy Gang