Regena Hoye Soft Summer Night

regena hoye soft summer night

Regena Hoye appears courtesy of Ishnuvu Music.
Catalog#: ADED-00403
UPC-A: 074764002983
Release Date: 2013-10-14

Album Title: Soft Summer Night 

  • 1 / Soft Summer Night / QMS2M1300961
  • 2 / Walking / QMS2M1300962 
  • 3 / Climb This Mountain / QMS2M1300963 
  • 4 / Climb This Mountain (Duet) / QMS2M1300964

Regena Hoye: An American original. Jazz is a style that defines the American origin. Since my teenage years, while listening to the phonograph in the basement of my relative’s home, I have loved jazz. 
I started a vinyl collection of all the iconic vocalists and instrumentalists that my small budget could afford. And I was very proud of my twenty LP’s. Never in my life did I think that I would sing beside them: in spirit. 
I originally wrote a few songs for my self-published children’s book. My songs have been sitting in a drawer for years. One day I looked at them and thought that maybe someone would enjoy them. I was born in 1948, so this is a late effort. In 2012, I walked into a recording studio and met a talented producer. And a year later I present my first CD, “Soft Summer Night.”

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