MonaLisa Twins - I Don't Know Birds That Well (music video)

Published on Nov 1, 2013
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"I Don't Know Birds That Well" -- this is the last of three music videos that we shot in England this summer! Speaking of birds, make sure to follow us on Twitter [ ] We hope this brings back some summer vibes! If you want to find out more about the shoot and other news click here:

On our way back from Plymouth, where we were guests on the "BBC Devon Morningshow", to London, we discovered an extremely idyllic village called "Abbotsbury". It seemed like the perfect place for our video, after we had been searching for days to find something suitable: a secluded ruin/church on a hill, surrounded by grassland, lots of birds in trees, but all WITHOUT huge bus parking lots, info-centers and loads of tourists.

And so it happened that there was St. Catherine's Chapel right next to this small village, the sea in the background, and, as if we weren't lucky enough already, this chapel was home to a bunch of white doves -- it could have been scripted!

Of course, a "birds" video wouldn't be a proper "birds" video without any aerial shots, so, like in other videos before, our dad navigated our Octocopter, and our stepmom operated the camera. Not easy to coordinate, especially when it's windy too :)

At the end of the day we all were very happy to have shot all the footage on the single sunny day during 3 consecutive weeks of rain.

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